Full Service Support 

  • Help creating a calm and serene birth environment, through the use of lighting, aromatherapy, and music, creating the sense of privacy and intimacy that helps you relax. 
  • A more comfortable birth. My training and experience mean I know techniques to make labor more comfortable, and to help you progress more quickly. Moms laboring with the support of a doula are statistically less likely to request pain medication.   
  • Confidence. Birth never goes exactly as planned, but with my support you can rest assured that you don't need to remember every detail you learned in your birth class or from the books you read. Instead, you're armed with techniques to ask the right questions to get the information you need to feel great about your decisions while in labor. 
  • Freedom to choose whatever kind of birth is right for you. I'm not just here for natural births. I love supporting empowered moms who are confident in their choices. 
  • Pre-birth planning sessions to boost confidence and relieve fears. Birth packages include two prenatal appointments to discuss your birth plan and preferences, review key information, practice comfort measures, and get to know each other.
  • Unlimited phone and email support during business hours, beginning when the contract is signed and continuing until 6 weeks after the birth 
  • 24/7 on-call support beginning at 38 weeks until the baby is born
  • Complete support from start to finish. As soon as you feel you need support when in labor, I come to you, whether you're at home or heading to the hospital. I stay until your baby is born, breastfeeding is established, and everyone is comfortable. 
  • More confident partners. He doesn't have to remember every little detail from the books he read; he has my support too. I can give him suggestions so he can help you, give him the freedom to go grab food, a bathroom break, or a cup of coffee without leaving you alone. I support him so he can support you. 
  • "As Time Allows" birth photography: I am a professional birth photographer, and have found that bundling the two services makes birth photography--typically a luxury service--more accessible to my clients. After discussing your comfort level with photography, I take photos as time allows, always prioritizing doula support. I provide a handful of social-media ready photos for announcements within 24 hours of the birth, and the full gallery documenting your labor and birth from start to finish within three weeks. You choose your favorite fifteen hand-edited birth images and download them in high resolution.  Additional images are available for purchase. 
  • A postpartum visit to get you and your baby off to the best start. We'll make sure you're healing well, resting up, and eating good food. We'll make sure feeding is going well and answer any questions you may have about newborn care or life with baby. 

I'm interested. What do I do? 

  1. Contact me, and we'll set up an interview. It's free, there's no obligation to hire me, and I don't do high pressure sales. We'll just meet, chat, get to know each other, and you can ask me any questions you have about the service I provide.
  2. Then, if you'd like to go ahead, you'll sign the contract and pay the 25% retainer (with the balance due at 38 weeks).
  3. We'll arrange and conduct your prenatal appointments.
  4. You call me when you're having a baby! 

Consults are free, and there's no obligation to hire me. It's just a chance to meet and talk about how I can support you. 

Julie knew what I needed before I ever did! I could not have done this birth without her support! She was amazing to not only me but to my wife and support team, including my two year old son. I would use her again in a heartbeat! Hiring Julie is hiring family, a best friend, a truly trustworthy and competent woman! Thank you for all you did!
— DeAnna

See more testimonials here. 


What is in a prenatal appointment? Prenatal appointments generally last 1.5-2 hours. We will discuss your preferences and goals for birth, go over what to expect in labor, at the hospital and in the postpartum period. I'll answer any questions you have about birth, breastfeeding and newborn care. We'll discuss my role and how your partner and I will work together. We will practice comfort measures and relieve any fear or anxiety. By the end of our prenatal sessions you should feel confident and excited to give birth! 

And the postpartum appointment? At the postpartum appointment, we'll make sure you're healing well, answer any questions you have about feeding your baby or other baby care (too nervous to give the first bath? I can help with that!), and discuss how the birth went. 

What is your training? I'm proud to have trained and certified with Childbirth International, a well-respected, in-depth, established program that emphasizes a deep breadth of knowledge of normal pregnancy, birth and recovery, as well as open and nonjudgmental communication. 

My doctor/midwife hasn't worked with you before, and she's had bad experiences with doulas in the past who overstepped their bounds. I want everyone working together. It's true that some doulas try to "advocate" for their clients, speak for them, or come in with a negative attitude toward hospital staff.  That's not me. I come from a medical family (my dad's a doctor and my mom is a registered nurse). I have nothing but respect for your care provider, their education, and the important work they do to keep you and your baby safe. I work to maintain positive relationships with them, and endeavor to work seamlessly with the wonderful nursing staff at YRMC. We will all work cohesively together to support you in the birth you want. I'm more than happy to meet with your care providers at one  of your prenatal appointments to set any concerns to rest. 

Aren't doulas just for natural birth? No!  I love  happy moms, happy partners, and healthy babies. I support all kinds of births: unmedicated, natural, Cesarean, inductions, water birth, twin birth, VBACs, hospital births, home births, OB-assisted, midwife-assisted, dolphin-assisted ... you name it. My goal is just for you to have a great experience. Period.

Can't my husband/mother/best friend just be my doula? Yes. Sort of. Not really. It's just a different kind of support. If your husband/sister/best friend has spent several years studying normal birth, rotational positioning, comfort measures, and counterpressure, knows how to find evidence based information, and has attended dozens of births for experience before attending yours, then he/she will make a great doula.

But really, it's just a different kind of support. I know birth. Your partner knows you. Together, we make an amazing team. Some things are better together, like peanut butter and jelly. Cheese and crackers. Dads and doulas.

I know sometimes they're skeptical. They're worried that I'll take over, or push them out of the way. But that's not how it works. In twenty years, I want you to remember how amazing your husband was and how he gave you what you needed when you needed it. I support him, so he can support you. 


And the big question: How much does it cost? 

Full service support | $850

Everything listed above. All the visits and all the photos and all the calm, comfort and support you need. 

Add Placenta Encapsulation for $150 ($175 normally)