Providing exceptional service and compassionate care.

Throughout your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, Julie strives to instill confidence. She will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. She is highly trained, professional, compassionate, and supports you every step of the way with unbiased, judgment free support. 

Labor SUpport

Experience the trained and compassionate support of a professional labor doula for a comfortable, confident birth. 


Laboring in a birth pool can mean shorter, less painful labors with fewer interventions and higher maternal satisfaction. Renting a birth pool with Lemon Tree Birth means a low-stress, less-expensive experience with drop-off and pick-up service. 

Birth Photography

You focus on experiencing every moment of your baby's birth, and let me focus on capturing those moments on film. 


Placenta Services

Experience what women across the country are crediting with faster recoveries, increased milk supply, better postpartum moods and increased energy.