Birth Photography


Why hire a birth photographer?

Because that moment -- when you hear your baby's first cry, when you see her perfect little lips and touch his tiny hand for the first time -- it only happens once. And it happens fast. I want you to focus on just enjoying it. Hiring a photographer means that your support team is free to focus on and support you without worrying about grabbing the camera.

Capture THAT moment ...


Birth can be an intensely beautiful, intense, and transformative experience. Birth photos mean that you'll be able to re-live the experience. You'll be able to see your baby's first breath, still between two worlds. You'll be able to see what you couldn't in the moment: how your partner breathed with you through every contraction, watched you with such amazement and admiration, and his joy when he first saw the child you created together. Someday you'll be able to show your child how hard you worked, and how excited and ecstatic you were to meet her.  

You'll be provided with a few social media ready, shareable photos within 24 hours of the birth, if requested, and will receive the rest of your photos within three weeks either via an instant download or a flash drive. You also have the option of adding a gorgeous custom made photo book for an additional fee. 


Why do I need to hire a photographer? Can't my husband/mother/friend take the photos? You know, they probably can take the photos for you, but ... wouldn't you rather they be able to focus fully on supporting you and being fully present in the moment? At the moment of birth, you don't want your mother scrambling for a camera, but rather just enjoying the first sight of her grandchild. Instead of having your partner take the photos, wouldn't you rather he be in them? Also, I'm experienced with this kind of photography; I know how to stay out of the way of hospital staff, and get crisp and clean photographs in tricky lighting without using external flash. 

Exactly how graphic are these going to be? That is entirely up to you.  Everyone wants a different type of photography experience. Some want me to photograph everything (everything!) and some would like to keep all of the photos "social media friendly." At our consult, we'll go over exactly what you do and do not want photos of and what your priorities, preferences and goals are. I will make sure you're comfortable and your wishes are respected. 

How long does it take to get the images? If you sign the social media release, you will get 3-5 edited, social-media ready  photos within 24 hours of the birth posted on Lemon Tree's Facebook page. The rest of your photos will be delivered via flash drive or an download within 3 weeks. If you opt to have me create a custom photo book, it should be available 10 days after that. 

Is there anything I need to do to prepare beforehand? Yes! You will need to check with your care provider to make sure that (s)he is comfortable with my presence at the birth. It is your responsibility to negotiate my presence with them. 

What if I have a Cesarean birth?  Sometimes I am allowed to join you in the operating room, and sometimes I'm not. It is up to your care provider, the anesthesiologist, and hospital staff as to whether or not I will be allowed in the operating room. Generally, they have limits on how many  people can be in there with you. If that's the case, I will be there to photograph your labor (if you're laboring and the  surgery is not scheduled), preparations before the surgery, and I will be waiting in your postpartum room to photograph those first precious hours with your baby. I can send my camera in with your support person, if they're willing, and will edit the photos they take in the OR so that you still get the complete story of your birth.

How much does it cost? Rates start at $485. This includes time on-call for your birth, the hours spent photographing it, business and equipment expenses, software, and editing. 

Are they shared? I respect your privacy. While I do maintain ownership of the images, I will never share publicly any images without your written permission. After your images are delivered, I'll send an agreement where you tell me which images you are and are not comfortable with me sharing. 

When do you come when I'm in labor? How long do you stay? Generally, clients ask me to come when they are in confirmed, active labor (either 5-6 cm or having contractions following a 5-1-1 pattern). However, it's up to you if you want me to come earlier or later. I stay through the birth and 1-2 hours after to capture your first hours with baby. If at any time you'd like privacy, just let me know. 

I'm interested. What do I need to do? Wonderful! Here's the process:

  1. Contact me and make sure I'm available for your due date. I take a limited number of clients each month. 
  2. Schedule a complimentary consult. We'll meet, get to know each other, answer any questions you may have, and go over your preferences.
  3. Sign the agreement and pay the retainer to secure your due date. 
  4. Give me a call when you're having a baby!