Why are women eating their placentas? 

The placenta, which grew early in your pregnancy and faithfully nourished your baby, is full of nutrients and hormones that can aid in your postpartum recovery. Women who ingest their placenta report that it provides a variety of benefits, including:

  • increased energy
  • increased milk production
  • improved postpartum moods
  • faster physical and emotional recovery
  • decreased bleeding

While there haven't been any major, peer-reviewed studies to prove it, anecdotal evidence is overwhelmingly positive, with as many as 96% of women having "a positive or very positive experience" and 98% saying they'd do it again. 

Why Choose Lemon Tree Birth for your placenta?

  • Choices: It's all up to you. Where do you want your placenta prepared? Which method is right for you and your unique situation and needs?
  • Fast Turnaround: Your placenta pills will probably be ready within 48 hours of giving birth and are guaranteed within 72 hours. 
  • Safety: Lemon Tree Birth follows rigorous sanitation protocols to ensure that your pills are safe.
  • Professional Service. 

Full-Service Placenta Encapsulation ($175) Includes:

  • pick up and drop off of your placenta and capsules
  • your choice of preparation location
  • your choice of capsules: vegetarian or gelatin
  • your choice of  preparation method
  • if desired: a detailed report and photos of your placenta  
  • free bonus cord keepsake
  • instructions on dosing and storage
  • full-color postpartum booklet

add-on services: 

($30 for one, $50 for two)

  • a placenta tincture, which can extend the benefits indefinitely 
  • a placenta print 
  • half-and-half preparation (half your placenta prepared in one method, half in another)
  • placenta salve or body butter