What people are saying about Julie, the Lemon Tree doula:

I am still head over heels in love with my birth experience. I would do it over and over again exactly the same if given the opportunity. Julie was such a huge part of making it the best night/day of my life. Her quiet confidence gave me so much strength to follow through with my natural birth plan. Even more valuable than her help to me was the way she was able to instill confidence in the process in my husband. I know for sure that left to our own devices, we’d have made different choices simply out of not knowing what on earth was going on. I also would have taken much longer to push my sweet girl out had she not been there to gently guide me through what the nurses were not making clear. That alone made her presence worth more than gold!
— Laura
When my husband and I began planning the birth of our first child, it was hard to know where to even start, since everything about it was so new and unfamiliar. I knew that having a doula would be a big help for both of us. When we first met Julie, I knew that we’d made the right decision because of how calming and comfortable her presence was. During our pre-birth meetings, she helped us consider many aspects of the birth process that we wouldn’t have known about. My goal was to have a natural birth, with minimal medical intervention. Since I have type 1 diabetes and was considered a high-risk pregnancy, I was concerned about the amount of support I would have from the hospital staff to facilitate my wishes. I ended up having a natural birth and would call Julie one of the biggest reasons why. We knew that she would be really helpful for me, but my husband was amazed at how valuable the emotional support that Julie provided was for him as well. Julie also helped both of us by providing a calm, objective viewpoint for the decisions we had to make during the labor and delivery process and helped us consider and discuss things as calmly as possible. And I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have had Julie there to take pictures! I keep looking through the pictures and discovering something new every time that I’d forgotten. Julie’s involvement improved every single part of my experience and I can’t recommend her enough!
— Virginia
Julie is / was awesome throughout our entire experience with her. From the first time we met when she explained to me what a Doula actually was, up to and beyond the actual delivery. She provided books, pamphlets, hand outs and just general knowledge what to expect when the moment came. She helped us create a birth plan of what we imagined a perfect home birth would be, along with a contingency plan if we had to go to the hospital for some reason. She remained in contact in between meetings leading up to the delivery just to ensure we understood she was truly here for US, not the money. When the moment came for the birth the plan changed due to circumstances and she was there to support us and our decision every step of the way. Julie held her hand during the delivery and whispered encouragement to her to keep up enthusiasm about the birth of our son. Reminded the nurses of what WE wanted from the delivery, not just what was convenient for the hospital. Julie took FANTASTIC photos of the delivery.... Julie stayed with us in the delivery room long after the birth just to make sure we were emotionally and physically ready for her to leave. Julie’s dedication to her clients and her trade are evident in everything she does down to the slightest detail. In the end we did not hire a Doula, we truly and honestly gained a friend. Everything she did for us went WAY beyond what little money we paid her. Our next child, whether it is born in a hospital or at home you can believe we will have Julie by our side once again. If you’re a guy you need Julie to cover you during the birth, to fill in for you and allow you to actually enjoy the moment instead of panicking. If you’re a woman you need Julie to give you the birth all women dream of but so few actually get, Partners are great but most are probably like me and do not quite measure up in all areas of support, Julie does.

Five stars does not even come close to accurately measure how I feel about Julie’s performance before, during and after the birth. She is an amazing Doula, and a fantastic friend. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to hire her, pay the money instantly and you will have a lifetime without regret. She is easily worth 2 or 3 times what she actually charges for all the services she provides.

Eternally Grateful,
— Eric
Julie was amazing! I was originally skeptical of the whole Doula experience. However, I quickly got overwhelmed by the amount of information that I didn’t know about, nor could I adequately prepare for. Julie went over the entire process, what to expect at my later prenatal appointments; what the delivery room experience would be like; differing options for labor with respect to pain management; and breastfeeding support. She met all of her time commitments and was available to me for questions day and night. She provided a plethora of information to make sure that my birth experience went as I wanted. She made my labor as pleasurable as possible and I couldn’t have done it with out her.
— Jordan
Julie knew what I needed before I ever did! I could not have done this birth without her support! She was amazing to not only me but to my wife and support team, including my two year old son. I would use her again in a heartbeat! Hiring Julie is hiring family, a best friend, a truly trustworthy and competent woman! Thank you for all you did!
— Deanna

Oh Julie! My dear sweet Julie! Your presence at Theo's birth was one I will never forget! Your words of wisdom, witty...

Posted by DeAnna Collins-Ellyson on Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Julie was incredible and more helpful than I could have ever known when I decided to hire a doula. I had read that using a doula was helpful in obtaining the best outcomes for birth, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect the level of detail, dedication, and information that was offered. All of this was given willingly and with a loving and positive demeanor.

Julie helped my husband and I to gain clarity about what our expectations were surrounding labor and birth. We were able to uncover emotions and beliefs that enabled us to create a comprehensive birth plan that we both agreed on. The prenatal visits were exceptionally helpful in that Julie helped us increase the level of communication between my husband and I in a way that surfaced our needs, wants, and desires for the delivery. She offered a calming, non-judgemental, present, reassuring, measured, positive, and educated attitude and point of view whenever she was with us at home or in the delivery room.

She was not only a support to me during the labor, knowing exactly what I needed before I knew, she was a support to my husband as well. Her presence throughout the labor helped create the exact atmosphere I desired for the birth. And her sweet voice remains in my head, I can hear her words of encouragement during the final pushes, helping me to stay centered and focused.

Please, please, consider hiring Julie for your doula. You will not regret it.

Additionally, if you’re on the fence about getting birth photography, hire Julie to take them. I really, really, didn’t want any photos of me taken during the birth process. However, my husband was determined to have them. Julie, in her magical way, was able to take touching, beautiful photos that both took into consideration my husband’s wishes for meaningful photos and my requests about what types of photos to include. I am eternally grateful for her ability to capture the miracle of our daughter’s arrival into this world.
— Renata

What people are saying about Lemon Tree Birth's placenta preparation services:

Encapsulating my placenta helped in my overall mental and physical recovery. I noticed a positive difference in my energy levels and attitude while taking the pills. Julie did a fantastic job and got them to me in a timely manner. I loved the hand delivery of the pills and felt so special that she took time out of her busy life to visit with me. My entire experience with Lemon Tree Birth was absolutely amazing! Julie goes above and beyond all expectations!
— HC
I had such a low milk supply with my first son and saw such an amazing difference this time around with the assistance of my placenta pills. I will definitely do this again with my next child!
— EZ
Taking my pills significantly helped improve my post partum experience . I had more energy and felt like I healed faster. The body butter smells amazing and has a soothing effect.
— GR
Julie ... created truly amazing art with the Placenta print, and even created a heart shaped keepsake with the umbilical cord.
— EP
I was extremely impressed with the personalized service that I received. I highly recommend using the LemonTree services. Thank you!
— AN

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