Before labor starts

For Doula Clients:

Please check in with me via text, phone call, or email after every prenatal appointment and let me know how it went. I am also happy to answer non-urgent questions during daytime hours throughout our contract, and urgent questions at all hours.

For Photography CLients:

Remember, you are required to let me know if your birth is scheduled (an induction or Cesarean) so I can plan accordingly. 

If you experience signs that labor may be imminent:

Give me a heads up. This gives me a chance to make any last minute preparations for myself and my family. Signs that labor may be near include loose bowels, contractions, bloody show or mucous plug.

I come to you when:

·        You ask me to come. I can give you all sorts of guidelines (active labor, etc.), but bottom line? I come when you tell me to come. If you’re not sure, call and we’ll see how you’re doing.

·        You are in active labor. Generally, this means your contractions are close to a minute long, are coming at regular intervals of 5-7 minutes or more often, and are intense enough that you cannot walk or talk through them.

·        Your contractions are getting intense and you need additional support to get through them, regardless of pattern. I come whenever you decide you need extra support.

·        You are ready to go to the hospital. Call me and I will meet you there.

·        If I come and your contractions slow down or stop, or we determine that you are still in early labor, I may decide to go home to ensure that I am fully rested and prepared to provide high quality support when things get intense.

During the day (7 AM to 10 PM)

Give me a heads up by phone or text when you experience signs of labor, no matter how early.

CALL me at (208) 484-2276 when you think you might be ready for me to come. Don’t worry about calling too early; we can assess how you’re doing and decide. If I don’t answer, call again in five minutes. If I still don’t answer, and you need support, call my back up:

 Name _____________________________________________________

 Phone Number ______________________________________________

At night (10 PM to 7 AM)

If you’re experiencing signs of labor at night, try drinking a large glass of water, taking a warm bath, and trying to sleep. If it’s before 10 PM, give me a heads up text or call. After 10 PM, try to call only when you need support. If you’re ready for support, text once. If I don’t respond within five minutes, call me. If I don’t respond within five minutes, call again. If I don’t respond, call the back-up doula listed above.

 If you are ready for me to come and I haven’t responded to a text, you must CALL ME. If I don’t answer, call again in a few minutes.